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Prim qualified from the London School of Sports and Remedial Massage in 2013 obtaining a Level 5 BTEC Clinical Massage qualification. Being an active person and taking part in long distance endurance events including Marathon running and Half Ironman Triathlons. He has a clear idea what it takes to make the most from exercise and understands the potential of Massage Therapy whether your goals are improved body dynamics, injury prevention, recovery or general relaxation there is a bespoke treatment for you.

- Prim

What to expect from Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy (SRMT)

SRMT is based on Western anatomical and physiological research and experience. It uses Swedish massage techniques, combined with modern advanced stretching and soft tissue release by manipulating soft tissue (muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia). Anatomical knowledge plays an important role, as it is the guide for the massage therapist when taking a postural assessment, to see and feel for the tell tale signs of muscular imbalances caused by lifestyle choices.

SRMT is not just for athletes and active people, it benefits everyone. We all create tension and weakness in our bodies. It is usually the product of poor posture habits, over use (work and exercise) and sometimes just a genetic predisposition. My role is to correct those imbalances; releasing tension, improving tone, muscle function and improved range of movement.

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Deep Tissue Massage / Swedish Massage / Sports Massage / Remedial Massage

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